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What type of items can I sell at Downtown Sol?  Anything unique, handcrafted, fair-trade, and generally AMAZING! Most items should have some use, besides decor, including, but not limited to  jewelry, handbags, greetings, candles, lotions, hand-painted ceramic dishes, hand-blown glass vases, wood garden stakes, metal growth chart, mosaic stepping stones, quilting, knitting kids and pet toys and more!  However one entire 25 foot by 40 foot wall, will be dedicated to more traditional decorative art, such as paintings, photography, and large art pieces.  

Interested in showcasing your work at Downtown Sol?

A little bit about how it works here at Downtown Sol ... we rent our spaces to only the most extraordinary of artists, artisans, and crafters. The rent can be as low as $35 per month for our smallest spaces (with early registration and deposit), and they go up from there. We take a small commission on everything that sells and each artist is paid for the remainder twice a month. We have month to month contract plus 30% commission, a 6 and 12 month contracts with 15% commission. A deposit equal to your first month's rent will hold your place. 

Click here to see further details on size of spaces and prices.

Artists benefits include:

  • earn additional income through selling products in a storefront - in an untapped market
  • earn additional income through teaching your skill
  • more time to work on your art, less time selling
  • meet with potential buyers and strengthen your brand through monthly events
  • quarterly, meet with like-minded artists
Websites (blog, fllickr, etsy): Interested in teaching your skill?
What size space would you prefer?
Mini (approx. 8 cu. ft.)
Small Wall (approx. 16 cu. ft.)
Small (approx. 15-18 cu. ft.)
Tall Jewelry/Fragiles Case (approx. 18 cu. ft.)
Large (approx. 45 cu. ft.)
X-Large (approx. 70 cu. ft.)
Have you previously taught your skill?

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