Downtown Sol

Grand Opening October 8, 2011

A celebration of culture and creativity, Downtown Sol is a cross between your favorite outdoor festival, boutique, and arts center.  You can find quality, handmade art, home accessories, and gifts for all, including your little ones (and your pets) AND learn from local artists and wellness instructors. Located in the historic Lopez Building, lies 3500 square feet of Downtown Sol. If you're looking beyond the national chain stores for expressions of individual personality and style, you will love Downtown Sol. You will be sure to find that special unique something for your home and special friend!

Call for Artists and Artisans!

You're a stunning artist ... a truly unique crafter.  In the best of all worlds, you'd have enough time to create and sell your art, but between festivals, promoting, and maybe carrying a full-time job (like me!), you need something else to provide a steadier stream of income and allow you more time to work on what you love most - your art! Perhaps, your art is your hobby, everyone loves your "work", and you would like to expand. Do you have creative skills you would like to share with others? At Downtown Sol, you will be able access a broader, ripe market, display more of your product in a way that enhances your brand, and have the opportunity to teach others your unique skill.  

What type of art is at Downtown Sol?  Anything unique, handcrafted, and generally AMAZING!
Included but not limited to:

Jewelry, handbags, greetings, candles, lotions, ceramics, handblown glass, woodworking, metal art, mosaics, quilting, paintings, photography, knitted hats, kids and pet toys, and more! 

Do you make something fabulous not mentioned, we'd like to check it out.  

Click here to learn how you can join our Downtown Sol Artist Community!

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